Unboxing of the April & May box & final thoughts on Bellabox.

Hey peeps! As promised in my first post about the Bellabox, I went through with a full 3 month subscription with them, meaning I received 3 of their beauty boxes. I just wanted to give them a chance before I make up my mind whether they’re worth it or not.

Although I did enjoy my first box which I got for only $10 (You get a few $$$ off your first box). I am not quite sold on the April one. I was charged $17.95 for this box and I am starting to rethink if it’s worth my monthly budget.

The packaging/ box was exactly like the last one. Click HERE to see more pictures.

This month’s theme is Beauty Tribe and I don’t really see its relation to the products in the box.

You basically get a box of sample size products. Well maybe except for the pencil.

You get a pamphlet with a description of all the products and the retail price of the full-size version of the product and also where you can buy it.

This is a list of 4 products which you will only receive 1 of.

This is the May Bellabox. It was a step up from the April one however I still wasn’t satisfied so I decided to cancel my subscription. Even though they make you fill out a survey about your preferences when you’re signing up, I don’t think they customise the box to each person’s taste. They have one basic box and a few add-ons which you might or might not get (and they decide this based on that survey? or maybe just at random).

Overall, I don’t regret trying them out. I did actually find two products I liked which are the Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner and the Amie Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish which I did purchase the full size of. The Bellabox is both a hit and a miss for me. Most of the products in their boxes can be found at Priceline so it’s not really niche. I can just go to any of the hundreds of Pricelines in the region but I could see how this would be helpful for the busy ladies out there that don’t have time to go to the shops and browse and check out what’s new on the market.

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