Circa Espresso @ Wentworth St, Parramatta.

As you guys know, I’m always on the hunt for good food. I’m so sick and tired of hyped up places that are just not that good. I, nevertheless, try to keep an open mind and am always ready to try new places! I found out about Circa Espresso on Instagram. Someone I follow tagged them in a picture and I thought to myself, that looks pretty damn good. I wanna go there! I got even more excited when I found out they’re located in Parramatta!! Just a 20 minute bus ride away from where I live. But wait! That’s not even the best part – they are just a 2 minute walk away from Westfield Parramatta/ Parramatta train station.

As you walk down Wentworth street, this is what you will first see. There are a few tables on the sidewalk..

Some on the terrace…

Some inside…

And just 2 on the next door terrace as well which seems to be located in front of a barber/tailor shop.

We got there at about noon and most tables were taken. We got a sidewalk table.

The menu looks so simple and delicate. I love it!
Their menu is by far the most interesting menu I’ve come across in a long time. It’s the type of menu that makes you want to order everything as you want to try them all!

I would say their prices are pretty standard for a cafe which is CRAZY because their menu is so different and unique. I would eat here over any other cafe anyday!!

WHITE 50% helvetia, el salvador (nat. bourbon) 50% ubaque, colombia (washed, castillo/typica) $4

This was not only the prettiest cup of coffee I’ve had but also THE BEST. I typically add sugar to my coffee but this one was so fragrant and perfectly balanced that it was actually perfect as is. I’m also not a big coffee connoisseur but even I recognised that it was a superior cup of coffee. YUM!

It was so pretty I had to take another shot…

And another… <3

Last one!

Cold press juice – spring seasonal (cucumber, apple & lemon) $7

A great option if you’re looking to cut down on caffeine. Super healthy and fresh!

OTTOMAN EGGS (poached free range eggs with crumbed eggplant, garlic labneh, burnt chilli and sage butter served with a seeded sourdough) (V) $18

I typically never order a “vegetarian” or “no-meat” dish but somehow this one was calling to me. I’m so glad I followed my instincts because I loved it. Besides the poached eggs being just a tad overdone to my liking, everything else was top notch. It was packed with flavour, every element contributed to this explosion of happiness in my mouth. My taste buds were overjoyed. And no, I wasn’t paid to say any of this lol.

Even the 2 slices of seeded sourdough were so tasty!! I don’t know if it was the salted butter or if the bread itself was just that extraordinary.

A mountain of labneh, eggplant steak, poached eggs and fried leek(?) happiness.

AVOCADO (avocado, marinated chickpeas, danish feta, heirloom tomatoes, poached egg, pine nuts on sourdough toast) (V, GF) $18 (add poached ocean trout +$7)

I guess this is their take on smashed avo on toast but let me just say, a really good take. The smashed avo was like this amazing guac that had the chickpeas and feta already mixed into it. It was super flavourful. Even each piece of tomato was just bursting with deliciousness. Of course, we had to order it with the poached ocean trout cos we extra and it was so worth it. Super tender and nice amount of fishiness. The toasted pine nuts was like the cherry on top. SO GOOD!

However, the sourdough was a little soggy which is to be expected. Would definitely order an extra slice if you want it crunchy!

Writing this post is making me hungry…

So remember I said we got a sidewalk table. Although it might seem weird to some, it’s not that bad! The road (behind me) is not that busy. Got a nice big umbrella shading you from the sun and trust me, you’ll be so engrossed in the yummy food you won’t even notice where you’re sitting. Although it might be a challenge in the hotter months.

You absolutely have to get an obligatory picture in front of the mural. I didn’t realise I was sitting in front of the “Circa” logo and my mum cut off the pug’s head but it’s ok. Still nice right? Lol.

If you didn’t already realise this, I 110% recommend this cafe. Definitely worth a visit if you like interesting yummy food! The service is faultless too.

They open everyday from 7am till 3pm on weekdays and 8am till 3pm on weekends but the kitchen closes at 2pm!

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