The Tea Cosy @ George St, The Rocks.

A few weeks ago I had to pleasure to visit The Tea Cosy – a quaint tea parlour found in a Victorian style house in The Rocks.

I am still on a mission to visit all the interesting and popular food spots in Sydney. So when my mum told me about this place that she read about online, we decided we definitely needed to check it out, mainly because we really enjoy a good cuppa tea.

The place is fairly easy to find, it is along the same street as the popular street markets on George street in The Rocks where you will find everything from hand-crafted artisanal items, souvenirs, clothing, etc…

The entrance “All you need is scones. Scones is all you need”

Walking in The Tea Cosy, you feel like you’re entering your elderly aunt’s house filled with antiques, old wooden furniture, creaking floors, dusty paintings on the wall…

The layout (found at the back of the menu)

As we walked in we didn’t know where to go as there was no one in sight. We peaked our heads in the first room on the right (which we found out was The Parlour) and saw tables and chairs but we were still unsure whether we could sit down. Eventually a waiter found us and told us to have a seat at any free table where we would find a menu and when we were ready to order, to walk to the “Servants’ Quarters” where the counter is to place our order and pay.

The menu

If I remember correctly, my mum and I went for the Jam Sampler:

Sampler board of our four top jams, accompanied by double thickened cream and our Monthly special flavoured cream. Served with our plain scones on the side plus two drinks of choice $38 

How pretty are the cups and saucers!!

Each person gets their own teapot which is fantastic. You could easily get 3 cups of tea from that teapot. We went for The Tea Cosy Home Blend black tea (loose tea leaves) which was great! A level above the traditional English Breakfast which is what we normally have. The tea just needs a dash of milk and it is absolutely perfect. They get bonus points for providing the mini tea strainer along with the strainer-holder so the experience is totally mess free!

Every table also has a basket of wool and knitting needles so if you love knitting, you will love this place.

The Jam Sampler

The scones were a bit on the dense and heavy side but fortunately they were served warm. They claim to be “famous” for their scones. Hmm… A pretty big claim to make and live up to. We got the 4 most popular flavours of jam – strawberry, fig & ginger, pear & vanilla and rhubarb, raspberry & vanilla. For creams – one of them was plain sweetened cream and the other one was butterscotch flavoured.

Random picture of Queen E on the plate lol

The Parlour

Fancy spoons

The Garden Courtyard

The Panio Room

I’m sorry I just had to…

The Servants’ Quarters

Pop’s Place (The Library)

Overall thoughts

It was a great one-time experience. I feel like you need to go there at least once but unless you love tea, knitting, antiques and scones and want to have it all under one roof, you wouldn’t necessarily go back.

Hope you enjoyed this post~


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