Éphémère @ The Pop-Up Store, The Bedroom Edition.

Hi guys,
Can you believe that we’re already in March??
I can’t… The days go by so quickly.
I wish there were more hours in a day lol.
I just wanted to share with you these uniquely awesome things
I bought at The Pop-Up Store (The Bedroom Edition) that is currently
at Bagatelle. The concept is really clever!
It’s basically just a store that opens for a period of 1 week
at a different location each time (thus the name Pop-Up Store).
It always has a different theme.
For instance, the this one is called The Bedroom so they sell
everything and anything related to a bedroom whether it be
the bed, tv, clothes, slippers, mugs, jewelry, notebooks, etc.
Very cool right?? 😀
Really impressed that Mauritians are coming up with innovating ideas
such as this one. And what’s really nice is that it’s a win-win situation
for everybody involved. The store sources their goodies from different
suppliers, so new brands get known and anybody who, say, is looking
to renovate their bedroom can find everything in one store!!
If you haven’t been yet, the store will be open till Sunday 10th March.
The one thing, however, that really caught my eye there was this
brand called Éphémère.
Their designs are really unique and I wish I could buy everything of theirs!! Lol
Here are some of the things I bought:



(Rs 25 each)
I just love these little bookmarks. They are all so pretty and unique.
When I saw them, I thought to myself I had to get AT LEAST 4 of them lolol
I feel happy just looking at them. And they’re gonna come in handy,
I just bought myself 2 books (see at end of post) hehe.




(Rs 300)
Anybody who knows me knows that I love drinking tea.
And those who really know me know that I LOVE drinking tea
from big chunky mugs and not little dainty teacups + saucers.
I actually saw this in the window and it sort of pulled me into the shop.
And apparently, only 2 of each design are made.
So if the other person who bought the same mug is reading this,
(Rs 300)
This is the last piece I bought. Love the print on this!
This is their Facebook page if you wanna check them out:
I also had a quick look at the clothes racks and totally fell in love with
all of the clothes! Definitely going back with my mum this weekend 😀
And by pure chance, I tumbled across the designer’s blog when I got home!!
She sounds amazing and has a really pretty name.
Click for her website and her Facebook page.
You should definitely check our her designs 🙂
I also went to the Bookcourt and got these.
Need to get back into some good old-fashioned reading.
Been reading too much on my itouch lately…
Have you read any one of these? I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂
Hope you enjoyed this post.
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