My first hipster café experience @ Devon Cafe, Surry Hills.

I finally made it to Devon cafe in the hipster neighbourhood of Surry Hills!! Ever since I landed on the land down under 5 months ago,  I’d heard/read such great reviews about their food so I couldn’t wait to try them out for myself. It had always been on the top of my to-do list but life kinda got in the way (settling in and getting a job lol) but it finallllyyy happened! Thanks to my bro for taking me and being my foodie buddy 🙂

For some reason I didn’t expect the cafe to look like this or this small but it turned out to be quaint and cosy and had a nice vibe. (random couple in my pic lol)

Upon arrival at around 11 am on a Saturday, there was a queue at the door. No surprise there, that’s like the height of brunch time. The hostess got our name and we asked for a table for 2 and went back outside to wait. While waiting, we witnessed a table of 4 being called but only 2 of them were there. The hostess apologised and said that they cannot seat the group unless they are all there. The girl insisted that her friends were only minutes away but still got rejected. I think that’s a pretty good policy cos you can’t have 2 people blocking a table of 4 when the cafe is so busy and have other customers waiting. Also, a group of 2 were called and asked if they didn’t mind sharing a table with “strangers”. I thought that was only a thing at public food courts but apparently not lol. I guess they have to make do with the tables that they have. It couldn’t have been more than 10 mins or so later that my name was called and fortunately we got our own table lol. I don’t think I would’ve liked my first meal there to have been with strangers hahaha…

Window seats + entrance
Love their menu. Simple, straightforward with few items. That’s when you know they can’t really go wrong with their prep and that it’s always fresh.

I also love the fact that they DO NOT make alterations to the menu. A few months ago, I was working at a small cafe where the owner would allow the customers to literally customise their whole plate of food to the point of it affecting service time. It used to drive me nuts!! But I guess it’s a no-brainer here cos the owner of Devon is an experienced restaurateur and has experienced Chefs working for him. *thumbs up*

Beverage menu

Flat White $4 and Iced Orange Mocha (cold brew coffee with a house made chocolate orange reduction) $6

If you love bitter dark chocolate, you will love this. The orange is also really subtle. Like it will hit you ever so slightly and you probably won’t taste it if you don’t look for it.

Ogre Happy Meal $23 Grilled ox tongue with cauliflower puree, sauteed spinach, pickled onions, chicken jus, hash brown and fried egg.

I loved this! Every element was sooo yummy. I loved the cauliflower puree and the pickled onions were a nice touch. The ox tongue was soft but not as soft as it could have been. Maybe it was just a bad part of tongue but I forgive them cos everything else was so good!

Lost in Devonshire $18 Devon’s style French toast, peanut butter, raspberry jelly, vanilla cream, chantilly, peanut butter cookies, freeze dried strawberries and maple ice cream (bacon $3).

If you’re feeling like having dessert as a meal this is it!!! The french toast was made fresh so it was still warm and it had that beautiful combination of hot-cold temperatures that I love in desserts. It was smooth and creamy on the palate but also had a crunch from the peanut butter cookies and the freeze dried strawberries gave it an additional crunch and a perfect hit of tartness. The maple ice cream just rounded it off really nicely with a subtle sweet-smokey flavour combo. Overall best dessert for breakfast ever! If you feel like you need some love in your life, then just eat this cos I think this is what love would taste like.

I love how they use simple ingredients but pair them up so well that every item elevates whatever is on the dish with it and go together so well! I can’t wait to go back to try their other dishes. *cough* breakfast with the sakuma’s *cough*

Pastry-sandwich window
Where we were seated.

I would have given my overall experience a perfect score if it wasn’t for this teeny-tiny mishap. My brother asked for some sugar for this coffee but it literally never came. I’m not sure if the waitress forgot but anyway he couldn’t be bothered to ask again lol. Maybe that’s why they had a floor staff needed ad in the window.

Hope you enjoyed this post and reading about my experience 🙂



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