My first SheIn haul!

Ever since moving to Australia, I have finally become able to purchase from virtually any online store that provides international shipping which is AWESOME! 😀

When I was living in Mauritius and wanted to buy anything online, I first had to check whether shipping was available to my part of the world and most of the time the shipping was either exorbitant or it simply said something like shipping is not available to your country. #firstworldproblemsoflivingonatinyislandinthemiddleofnowhere

Fortunately I don’t have to deal with all that anymore! Hehe and ever since being able to earn a few bucks and having my own money to spend, I can spend it however I please (reasonably of course…)

I’m sure you know all about the sponsored posts on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. Well they caught wind of my online shopping habits and this one particular website SheIn kept appearing in my feed. I was a little skeptical because it is a Chinese website and most of them are dodgy. I read a few reviews and was really disappointed because many of them were BAD and I really liked the clothes. That soon put an end to my piqued interest in this website. However, that didn’t stop it from showing up in my sponsored posts. God knows I have strong willpower but not that strong so after a few weeks, in a moment of weakness, I ventured to the SheIn website again and ended up with these purchases!

One of the most helpful tips I can give you from my experience buying from this website is to read the reviews of the item you want to purchase. Previous customers often leave reviews and  sometimes accompanied by a picture which is super helpful especially in helping you choose the size.

These are the 5 items I ended up buying.

Each garment individually wrapped in a resealable bag.
Can you even believe that those five items fit in this parcel??!
The clothes were just ready to spill as I graciously ripped open the parcel.

I ordered just under $100’s worth so I got free shipping (plus you get $4 off your first purchase). It was sent through this shipping company called Toll Priority and not by regular postage service like most online stores. I’m not sure if they ship all parcels through this company or only parcels over a certain value.

To be honest, I was incredibly surprised by the quality of the clothes I received. But as I said, it helps to read reviews of each item before buying!

(Click on the pictures to be directed to the item on the website!)

This is me in the plaid dress and burgundy coat 🙂

I would definitely buy from them again! And I hope this post helped clear up any doubts you might have had about this website.

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