Flowers & Coffee @ CHELSEA’S Cup n’ Cake in Curepipe.

It’s gonna be a good one today guys 🙂
I will be sharing with you today a wonderful café called CHELSEA’S Cup n’ Cake, found in the heart of Curepipe in the Currimjee Centre.
Earlier this week, I went to visit my godmother and she said that she absolutely had to bring me to a café found just around the corner from her place. To be honest, I thought she was taking me to Dubreuil, a tea/coffee shop that’s been there for about 2 years now, so I didn’t really think much of it. As we walked in the centre, I could hardly recognise the place!! They seem to have rearranged and redone this particular part of the centre into a “foodie haven”. As you walk into the corridor, you get Dubreuil on the left and a new little Bistro (Wines, beers, tapas and Menu of the day) on the right. Deeper in you get CHELSEA’S and just across from them, Flame & Grill (BBQ & Curry House). I think this is a great move on the centre’s part as Curepipe lacks nice food places! Enough about the centre now, let me tell you about CHELSEA’S 🙂
Owned by Chelsea, a young, helpful, lovely Australian lady. The café is also run by these wonderful girls that are soooo helpful and passionate about their jobs! This is so wonderful to see for a change.
The decor is very cute and pretty.
There is wonderful classical music playing in the background. Also a nice change 🙂
This is the perfect place to meet a friend for a chat or catch up on some work on the laptop with a cup of coffee! (Free wifi available). 
This is the refrigerated showcase. My *only* comment is that it would be so much nicer if it were tidier (as in properly aligned cakes) and with the name tags in the front where it can be visible.
You can get anything from cupcakes, choux, muffins (sweet & savoury), tarts, quiches…
… cinammon buns, granola bars, biscottis, amaretti biscuits, truffles, and many more.
Here we ordered a curry scone, ricotta and spinach quiche, macaroon chocolate tart and
2 cups of cappuccinos.
Cappuccinos can either be single or double shot. I found the single shot just perfect and you don’t even have to add sugar it’s so delicious! For a stronger cup of coffee, go for the double 😉
Here we have a cup of Twinnings traditional afternoon tea. It is served with a teapot of hot water for self-refilling and a little jug of milk. Everything was perfect, but would have been even more perfect if they provided a teabag holder as well! I had to put my teabag on the side of my cup and it totally stained the saucer and the bottom of my teacup. But maybe I’m just being fussy lol.
This is a coconut and pineapple cupcake. The flavours remind me of a virgin pina colada. Very pleasant to eat.
Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting and berries.
The pastries and cakes are not the best in the world, they are however a pleasant accompaniment to the drinks which for me is the star of the café.
The café is also a florist shop! So while you’re having a nice cuppa, you also get the aroma of the fresh flowers. So pretty to look at even if you aren’t buying!
Thank you to Chelsea, Hilary and Mrs Annick for their wonderful service and kindness! 🙂
Please do visit them and give them a try!
  1. splendid place, delicious food.
    i've been there 3 times this week and never disappointed.
    excellent service & smiling staff.
    cupcake : oreo, red velvet & coconut – yummy!
    tried the RED VELVET & OREO BROWNIE – to die for!!!
    wrap, xtra rapid service.
    latte, very warm.

    the staff are all very welcoming.
    they treat their colleagues & customers with respect & always a broad smile.
    the ambiance is very cosy & u forget about chilly wet Curepipe.
    watching the florist work is a pleasure.

    small hiccups;
    – the invoicing, manual receipt – not very modern & not much control
    – no proper washrooms – for ladies, be careful when wearing loose pants
    – need to pay Rs 20 for take-away box for cakes (which sometimes don't even close, or crush the cake topping)

    do they have a Facebook pg?

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