Bella Shack ~ Burger Food Truck @ Bella Vista.

My first Sydney food post!! Yay!

I’ve longed for these moments for so long. The incredible moments I could finally enjoy and have a taste of the food here! Similar to where I was born, Australia is also a multicultural country but my luck is that there are different ones here. I can’t wait to try and tell you guys about foods like Malay, Vietnamese, Singaporean, Thai, Greek, Lebanese and so many more, that are foreign to my taste buds! 😉

Back to current affairs, this post is going to be about my first visit to a food truck. After years of watching The Food Network and the Chef movie, I finally got to go to my first food truck, a Burger one! I loveeee burgers especially when they’re accompanied by these scrumptious rosemary salt fries. They must be at least twice fried cos the exterior is so amazingly crisp!


Bella Shack on Facebook

Yeah… Those 5 burgers lined up there were for us.

This is their standard menu and if you’re lucky, they might have a special on 🙂

Like this one!

Bella Kranky & Who gives a Duck?! + Dark Choc, cherry & coconut thickshake.

Who Gives a Duck?! up close 🙂 Love me my cilantro!

Bella Kranky… That jalapeno though…

Bella Boy

Bella Cheese

Bella Boy x 2 = Bella Big Boy

Bella Chicken

So many… Wish you were there yet?

Each burger comes with fries + your choice of drink.

The burgers are seriously humongous! 2 people can easily share 1 meal! And I can still guarantee that you’ll leave there with a food baby and the possibility of being in a food coma as well. Worth it though lol

The staff are so helpful and friendly. See photobombed picture! Hahaha…

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and give them a try.

Thanks Bella Shack for this memorable experience!


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