Amazing pastries from DANIEL Patisserie in Tamarin.

Hi guys
I’m so excited to share this newfound sweet jewel with you.
There’s this new patisserie/boulangerie that just opened in Tamarin called DANIEL. Looks very daring on the outside being painted all black but it’s a nice contrast with the indoor decor that’s very colourful and warm.
I swear, these are the NICEST MOST BEAUTIFUL pastries I’ve seen in Mauritius. This is the real deal guys. French patisserie in its truest form. You need to go there ASAP!!
Mille feuille. So beautiful!
Just look at it…
Them layers though!
Chocolate éclair (craquelin – sugar crackling made from butter, sugar, flour)
So much cream… 😛
Chocolate tart
With an unexpected twist. Crust is cinnamon-y! So nice.
Coffee Religieuse (Big chou topped with smaller chou). Just amazing.
I really can’t fault anything!! Everything was so good.
Price range Rs70-90
Go there now!!!!
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