Vanilla Bean: Cafe & Guest House.

Hey guys 🙂
Just wanted to share with you another quaint little place that I recently went to that serves good food. I ALWAYS complain how you can never find good food in Mauritius, don’t you?
So I like sharing and putting the word out there that there are good places here!
(Funny thing is, most of these good food places are run by expats. So I gladly welcome them with big open arms 😀 )
I just recently started to get Mondays off. I knew working 9 hours a day would be tiring, but not THIS tiring.
Anyway, on my days off I like to take the opportunity to sleep in until I can’t sleep no more. But this particular Monday, my mum just wouldn’t let me sleep in lol. She was having a hard time getting me out of bed and she knew just the way to wake me up. FOOD.
She kinda bribed me to get out of bed. She said if I woke up and got ready, we’d go try that new place that everybody in Black River has been talking about: Vanilla Bean.
We found out that Vanilla Bean was not only an outdoorsy cafe but also a guest house.
I wore a short romper that day and just to let you know, not the most appropriate clothes to wear to go there haha I would’ve been much more comfortable in jeans.
I don’t know the exact address. I know it’s found a few km after the bend (where the turn off to go to the Black River Gorges and the Chinese restaurant Pavillon de Jade) leaving Black River. You can’t really miss it, I mean if I found it, you shouldn’t have a problem to. Just keep a look out on the right.
Here’s the menu
My mum ordered the Passion Fruit Ice Tea. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!!
I had never had one and was completely amazed that it tasted wayyyy better that your usual Lemon or Peach Ice Tea.
I ordered a strawberry milkshake. Not the best though, tasted like Nestle’s powdered milkshake that I used to drink when I was younger lol
Love how good it looks. Appearances can be deceiving 🙁
I didn’t get good shots of the place. I didn’t want to start waving my iPod around so I discreetly tried to take some pictures lolol. Here’s 2 bad shots but you get the idea, very outdoorsy. Love how you can sit in the sun if you wanted to. It was cold that day so I was only too happy to sit in the sun (as per my mum’s recommendation lol love her)
Little appetizers we got before our meal. Toasties with green and olive paste.
I don’t particularly like olives but it was okay.
My mum ordered the salad on special on that day. Chicken with Avo salad.
My mum loved it.
I ordered the burger and o m g was it good. Best burger I’ve had in a while.
The patty was SOOOO GOOOOOOD.
JUST LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT PATTY omg I feel for one right now!!!
I would definitely recommend you try it out if you’re ever in that region 🙂
That’s all for now.
That’s all for now.


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