Mauritian Tweetup 2012!!

Kso I promised I was gonna blog about the Tweetup as it’s been agesssss since I last blogged. Here it is hehe πŸ™‚
We planned the whole thing via Facebook and Twitter for about 1 month and today was finally the D-D yay. Went to sleep a nervous-wreck last night hoping it would turn out good lol and overslept this morning which made me freak out even more cos I had to make the crepes lolol omg but thank God I wasn’t late or anything.
So Neil came home so we could go together hehe. We took some pictures before we left πŸ˜€
Le self shot
LOL we look like dbs πŸ˜›
My mum dropped us off at the Flic En Flac beach. We chose the nicest part of the beach where the sand was really nice and where there weren’t many people.
Here’s a derpy photo of us under the umbrella.
gnfdksjzguhf so gorgeous.
Worthy of an instagram, yes?
He was so scared of getting sunburnt. Aww my poor baby πŸ™
The girls finally arrived yay! We hadn’t seen each other in a really long time so we were sooooooo happy to FINALLY see each other πŸ˜€
M and J
Awwwww group pic of us 4 πŸ˜€
Aren’t we like super pretty :’)
Lol me and my hat
J and I <3
Houriiyah’s super amazing choc cupcakes *_*
LOL look at these noobs
Le pretty ladies
Le pretty ladies + me
Hubby & I :3
Head over the sun shotΒ Β 
Cheek to cheek with mon pti coeur πŸ™‚
Badass wiffle πŸ˜›
Wooo my hair looks really red here πŸ˜€
Pretty J is pretty <3
Jealouzzzz of wiffle’s skinny legs πŸ™
I think I accidentally took a shot someone taking a dump in the sea X_X (jk)
When everybody left, hubby was falling asleep aww :3
Overall had a realllllly nice day with everybody and met some nice people. Thanks everybody for coming πŸ˜€
xxx C