The Flying Dodo experience.

My mum and I were dying to try the new restaurant at Bagatelle. It sort of unexpectedly popped up out of nowhere right? Haha so today on our way up from Port-Louis, we decided to go have lunch there and I love how convenient it is when you’re passing that way!
We walk in and this waitress shows us to a table. I found that every time you go to a new restaurant, all your senses suddenly heighten to maximum capacity, as you want to find every possible fault there is with the place so you can brag about how you went to a really good restaurant or say every possible insult in the book to discourage everybody else from going there lol (that’s how I see it anyway). 
So we sit down and the waitress puts the napkins on our laps and then she disappears (we don’t see her again after that lol). And this other waiter (who I suspect was the floor manager or something) brought us the menu.
I swear, it is SUPER rare that a waiter (in Mauritius, ESPECIALLY) knows the menu and can actually recommend you something. Might I add, “in English”. It might be because of 1 of 2 reasons:
1. Mauritians don’t actually ask this question so they’re not used to it (however, even if it was the case, they should be properly trained)
2. Mauritian waiters don’t understand and can’t speak English and get so intimidated that they can’t answer the question (like the one time we went to Mugg & Bean, which is a South African franchise, my mum asked the waiter if there was anything he could recommend, he literally couldn’t answer and went to call another waitress, who could also not answer and by the end of that we just ordered whatever.)
This wasn’t the case at all at this restaurant. He recommended us a few dishes and was very helpful and efficient. 
He took our order and another waiter came around with this basket full of cute little breads. I didn’t ask but I assume they were homemade. Mmm they were yum!
Herbs, rosemary and plain.
And then he brought over my cappuccino:
And I love the jar of sugar cubes! So original 😀
We ordered a starter and a salad to share:
Stuffed shrimp on skewers with a mango coulis + salad and some other stuff I can’t remember.
It was something very different! My taste buds were all over the place haha
And here’s the beef tenderloin salad with balsamic sauce:
It was really good considering it was a “salad”. The beef was really tender and flavourful.
For mains, I ordered the Fish and Chips a “L’express” made with beer batter.
I was puzzled by the “L’express” part but when I saw the dish, it totally made sense:
Very creative right? Ugh I want more, it was soooo good!
The one thing I cannot not comment about is the waiters’ efficiency. The one waiter was practically by my side every 3 minutes to refill my glass of water every time I took a sip haha! And you can actually choose the amount of bread you want. They are totally not skimpy.
The other thing I really liked is that the executive chef (Chef Morino) specially came out to see how we were doing. That personalised touch made all the difference! And we found out that he personally created all the dishes on the menu!
Overall, it was a really pleasant experience and I would definitely go again 😀
And I strongly recommend you guys to try it out.
Photo of the day ;p
I bid you all good eating (stole this from Iron Chef America hehe),
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