Shangrila Restaurant: Authentic Sichuan cuisine @ Garden Village, Curepipe.

Hi guys,
Can you believe we’re only a few weeks away from 2015!!
I’m really excited and can’t wait for the new opportunities that await us.
But for now, I am really happy to share this amazing new restaurant with you.
It is an authentic Sichuan (province found in the southwest of China) restaurant.
It is unlike any Chinese cuisine that can be found in Mauritius.
The owners and cooks are all from Sichuan and are all very friendly.
The restaurant manager is a lovely young lady called Sue.
She is very helpful and is always ready to assist.
I was invited to have a meal there a few weeks ago and you know
how I can’t say no to food! Lol So I gladly accepted.
As I know nothing about this type of food, I asked Sue if she could
choose a few dishes for me.
They currently have 2 menus: 1 of them is the full-colour glossy paged menu
that beautifully showcases their specialty Sichuan food and they also
created a second “Mauritian-Chinese” menu to be able to give people the option
to have food they are used to if they are not feeling adventurous to have Sichuan cuisine.
But in my honest opinion, if you’re going to an authentically asian restaurant,
you’d be dumb to order Mauritian style food. If you want that, just go to your local snack lol.
(click pictures for larger view)
Here is their beautiful menu.
As for drinks, Sue suggested this Chinese health tea.
It was very refreshing and to our taste buds, I swear it tastes
exactly like black grass jelly (la mousse noire) minus the jelly!!
This is the first dish I tried.
B E S T   F I S H  I ‘ V E  E V E R  H A D.
The fish MELTS as soon as you put it in your mouth.
It is drizzled with a succulent garlic dressing which pairs
perfectly with the fish.
The fish is coated with an extremely light egg batter which gives the fish
an unexpected crunch. This is to die for!!
Veggies cooked to perfection ~ tasty and crunchy.
This is their version of the traditional chicken spring roll.
The batter was absolutely wonderful, light and crisp unlike the thick
yellow crust that we usually get with local “hakkien”.
Vegetables are also still crisp inside.
Seafood fried rice.
What I love about their fried rice is that it’s almost dry.
And I think that is what differentiates it from the local fried rice
which is moist and quite soggy at times. Differently worth a try.
Vegetable fried noodles and can you believe it,
they make their own noodles from scratch!!
Sichuan pork with peppers and other spices.
This prawn dish is served with a light, tasty broth
and is covered in glass noodles.
How beautifully does it look!! 🙂
They have just created a new Facebook page so please go check it out
and like it 🙂
Shangrila Restaurant
For more info please phone 675 8888
They cater for walk-in customers, take away and have 3
private air-coned rooms for functions.
I definitely recommend giving them a try if you’re in search
of yummy food like you’ve never had before!
They are located on the 1st floor of the Garden Village Commercial Centre found on
Botanical Road in Curepipe.
There are parking facilities on the front and the side of the building.
PS: Please like my Facebook page as well if you haven’t already
to keep up with updates and yummy food pictures 🙂
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