OUSA Thai Restaurant @ Trianon Shopping Park.

Hey guys
Wow this my first post of the year! Lol
I have a few posts that are back-logged so I’ll
try to get them out asap.
Just wanna share this amazing food I had yesterday.
If you love Thai food you will love this place.
Totally authentic and yummy! The owner is a pretty Thai lady.
(She previously owned a resto in Black River
so some of you might know her from there.)
A few months ago I had gone to another Thai restaurant in Flic En Flac
and although the owners are Thai too, they obviously shortcut on authenticity.
Probably because they think we don’t know what it’s supposed
to taste like lol. I have, however, had a little exposure to Thai cuisine
in my culinary apprenticeship at an International Resort, and I can
happily say that Ousa is the real deal 🙂
Ousa is found opposite the main foodcourt at the
Trianon (Shoprite) Shopping Park.
Thai milkshake & Thai Iced Coffee.
What’s different about these is that they are both made
with condensed milk. Both very good but I had to ask
to add more coffee to my Iced Coffed as it was too sweet!
Love the wallpaper! Makes you feel like you’re right there in Thailand haha
Tom Yum Soup.
Prawns, straw mushrooms, green spring onions, tomatoes,
onions, coriander, lemongrass, and all that goodness.
This hot and sour broth will leave you wanting more!
Also available with chicken. And you can choose you level of spiciness.
Thai Red Curry with Beef (also available with chicken or fish).
Coconutty, thick, hot, red curry gravy with thin strips
of tender beef and lots of bamboo shoots with a side of
sticky Jasmine rice. WOW WOW WOW!!
This was so good! The highlight of my meal by far.
You can also choose your level of spiciness for this one.
They also have green curry which I will definitely try on my next visit.
Pad Thai
I couldn’t really enjoy this after all the food I had already eaten but
my mum said it was really good and better than other Pad Thais
she has had in the past. And see how pretty they make it with
cabbage shreds, lemon wedge and red chilli powder.
I would definitely recommend you give them a try,
especially if you love spicy food or if you’ve never had Thai cuisine 🙂
They also have other Thai specialities like green papaya salad,
beef satay, tom ka gai, and so on.
And let me know of my Facebook page what you think!
I would love to hear your thoughts.
  1. Ousa – until u get a dirty ugly greenfly under ur VEG pad Thai and the 'pretty Thai lady' does not even have the courtesy to come out of the kitchen to talk to you but keeps sending the waiter to basically tell you to pay and go. And when owner does come out to 'explain', it is to scream her head off at you to tell you that she cannot 'look look look' when she is cooking to see if no greenfly gets in your food. AND tells you to go complain at the health department if you want to! So much for wanting to have a pad Thai which does not even taste so great!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience. Unfortunately this shows that there are no standards or consistency when it comes to food and hygiene at this restaurant. The communication barrier also did not help the situation at all.
    Thank you for your comment as this will help others in deciding if they want to go there or not.

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