OLIVE TREE: Authentic Greek Cuisine @ Cascavelle Shopping Centre.

Woo, it’s been 3 months since my last post!
Time really flies by but I hope you are making the most of it and enjoying the present
(as I am trying to 🙂 ).
You know what they say, “Procrastination is a thief of time”.
Also, lately I’ve learnt that we should be
Now onto a more finger-lickin good subject, I would like to introduce you
to a new foodie haven called Olive Tree. It is a new casual Greek restaurant found
opposite the main food court at the Cascavelle Shopping Centre.
I found out about them through Facebook. They were highly recommended by
others of my region and you know me and how I am always in search of
good food 😉
Their food definitely lived up to the hype! And a bonus is that this lovely place
is owned by very kind and wonderful people, Dave and Cat, who I had the pleasure to meet.
They lived in Greece for many years and this is why they are here now sharing
their amazing knowledge of Greek cuisine with us.
They only serve chicken or lamb and of course vegetarian dishes and
what I love about their cuisine is that it is so fresh and healthy!
Most of their products are imported straight for Greece, like their olive oil
and olives, and their meats and veggies are locally sourced from the best.
Another bonus is that you can purchase their Greek olive oil and olives!!
They have olives stuffed with garlic, cheese…. Yummies.
The pictures will speak for themselves… 🙂
Everything is so reasonably priced!
Horiatiko Greek Salad: Peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, olives,
topped with feta cheese and fresh herbs and a delicious dressing!
So light, fresh and crisp.
Grilled chicken marinated with honey, olive oil and herbs
with salad on side.
Lamb kebab served with fries and a super delicious tzatziki sauce.
The sauce was so good I asked for more!!
Gemista: Tomato and pepper stuffed with rice and herbs served with
potatoes. My new favourite vegetarian dish.
I kept the best for last – Moussaka.
Layers of aubergine, potatoes, minced lamb and goodness served in an
individual clay pot. Best eaten when its just come out of the oven
and still bubbling!
They only make it a few times a week so be sure to enquire when.
It is so worth it!
To show you guys how good the food is, well, here’s the proof.
I don’t think I’ve ever eaten EVERYTHING off a plate.
And the best thing about it all is that you don’t feel like you’ve
stuffed your face because everything is so healthy and fresh!!
I highly recommend their cafe latte too. Cat makes the best!
Please check them out on Facebook and be sure to support them.
We need more healthy and good food entrepreneurs!!
Phone nos: 5490 1127 / 5851 6026
Wishing you a lovely weekend
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