Ocean Basket Bagatelle; Your Seafood & Sushi Heaven.

I’m surprised at myself at how long I’ve taken to write this post.
Ocean Basket is one of my favourite restaurants
here in Mauritius (along side Medium Rare and Kimchi House).
I’ve loved going there ever since they opened at Bagatelle
and I’m pretty confident to say that I’ve never been disappointed.
The food there is consistently amazing and the service is
just top notch. It is one of the few (ONLY?) restaurants
I know in Mauritius that actually have people lined up
outside waiting for a table :O
That just shows you I’m not the only one who loves going there!
The first thing that they bring to your table is fresh bread *_*
For some reason the bread they have there is really good
and I ALWAYS, ALWAYS make the mistake of eating too much bread
(and actually asking for more) and then ending up full by the time the
main course arrives (lol).
I ordered a cappuccino cos it was so coooold that day.
This is the first of our starters. It is a recent addition to their menu
That creamy garlic sauce is just wonderful and when you dip
that wonderful slice of baguette in there omg
I believe it is called Garlic & Cheese prawns.



Next, starter we ordered was the crispy deep fried prawns.
They are so crunchy and delicious!
It is served with a yogurt dipping sauce.


This is another starter from their new menu and also one of my favourites.
It is the octopus salad. It is fresh, lemony and just deeeelicious.


Another thing that I love from there is their sushi *_*
The rainbow rolls are my absolute fave.
I always order it when I go there 😀
It’s a mouthful of salmon/avocado/sesame seeds/mayo/caviar deliciousness.






This is the sushi for 1 platter.


This is their all-time famous platter for 1.
It’s got everything you could ask for;
fish, mussels, calamari, prawns, rice, fries
I seriously wish they served calamari heads on its own.



Dem eyes!!







That’s pretty much it for this post!
Please visit them if you haven’t yet but I’m also sure
that anybody and everybody who lives in Mauritius has
been there at least once, right??
Hope you enjoyed this post.
  1. To be honest, that's why I precised in the title "Bagatelle" because I don't feel that they're as good at La Croisette. So I would still rather pay full price at Bagatelle because that is just how good they are 🙂

  2. I went there in 2011 to get that platter for 1 and actually found the food bland. Maybe there has been some change since. Your article convinced me to try it once more. I'll make sure to taste the salads and sushis as you advise.

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