New cafe: Moka’z.

I saw this new cafe advertised on Facebook and also received an email
for a buy 1 get 1 free coffee voucher. That got me really interested 😀
You’ll find the location/ phone number/ menu on there.
You guys already know how I love going to nice quaint cafes,
I was so psyched about this one.
Little did I know that they weren’t actually opened yet!
They were only due to open on the 4th of December so I persuaded my mum and told
her that I was going to treat her hehe
I printed out my voucher and we were set to go.
One of the things that attracted me there was the advertised “free wifi”.
I looooove my free wifi but guess what… There was no free wifi.
No wifi at all for that matter. That was very disappointing.
I was expecting so much for the opening day. That’s when they’re supposed to be at their very best,
being totally new and all. I haven’t been back since but I hope they got their wifi installed.
Another disappointing thing was that only a few items on the menu were available.
Like… what? Why open if you’re not prepared? 🙁
To be honest, the concept is very much like that new
cafe franchise Vidae Caffe (Bagatelle, London Way, La Croisette),
if not exactly the same lol. It even looks quite similar… What do you guys think?
Here are some pics I took with my iPod 🙂
Staff also lack training. They weren’t so welcoming and weren’t able to tell us anything about the menu.
We only discovered that they had OTHER stuff that’s not found on the menu on this
little place card thing on the table.


They’ve got quite a wide variety of stuff and they also cater for vegans etc.
I hope they can keep up with such a large menu!



The decor and layout is very nice, I have to say.
They’ve got bar areas where you can sit facing outside and they’ve also
got a huge veranda area.


Mum ordered the chocolate crepe and a cappuccino.
The crepe was HUGEEE and it was packed with like half a jar of nutella in there, not even kidding! Haha
The crepe was a bit too “eggy” for my taste but it was nice.


I ordered the… oh God I forgot. It was a cinnamon latte or something (which I had to order cos they
didn’t have the drink I originally wanted)
and a chocolate beignet (stuffed doughnut).


This beignet was filled with the other half of that same nutella jar, I swear!! Lol
One good thing is they don’t skimp on their ingredients which is a good sign.
I hope they can keep up their standards.
Pricing is very reasonable plus I used my voucher, only had to pay for 1 drink! Hehe
Hope you enjoyed this post/ found it useful!


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