Moustache Bistro in Tamarin

Hey guys
You may have noticed that my foodie posts are now very few and far between.
I hardly ever go out and if I do I mostly go to my favourite places which I have
already written about, thus, the lack of posts.
I ordered a couple of things on ebay last month and they should all be
on their way so maybe I’ll make a collective haul post soon 😀
Today, I went to this amazing new Bistro which opened in my neighbourhood called
How awesome is their sign!!



They have all these pictures of different celebrities (Megan Fox,
Scarlett Johansson, David Beckham, Mahatma Gandhi etc)
with moustaches stuck on their faces if they don’t already have one LOL


Started off with Tapas:
Tuna roulade
Crispy prawns with a cilantro pesto sauce
Seafood gratinee served in mussel shells.


For mains I had the Capitaine fish with potato and chouchou
on a bed of greens in an emulsion of lemon grass and ginger.
Fish was on point; crispy skin, tender flesh *_*
So good!


For dessert I had the lemon creme brulee.


And a sweet potato pastry filled with coconut
(basically a gateau patate) served with coconut
ice cream.
The desserts were so-so but the tapas and main were very nice and tasty.
The decor and concept is so cool. I really feel like I’m in a quaint little
Bistro in Europe.
Give them a try 🙂
Until next time


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