Le Whatever ~ Bistro / Wine Bar @ La Place Tamarin.

Hey guys 🙂
So here’s my post about Le Whatever. It is one of the most frequented places
in the region and I had heard quite a few good reviews about them and even that some
people would travel all the way from town to eat there. I never really had a strong urge
to go there as, besides it being a bistro, it is primarily a wine bar.
Let’s just say I haven’t yet learnt how to appreciate wine lol
but if you do enjoy wine, this would be the perfect place for you.
They only have French wine though (too bad if you like South African wines).
(I believe the owners are French so that’s why.)
Here’s their FB page if you wanna check them out:
The decor is really nice and you can see the place is very well maintained.
There are mirrors, wine bottles, glasses, see through glass everywhere and
everything sparkles. Soooo nice!

Sliced French baguette with an extremely yummy fish spread.
Ordered 3 starters to share. Love being able to share especially when
going to a new restaurant. It allows you to have a taste of everything so you
know what to order on your next visit 😉
I can’t recall the exact contents of the dishes but I’ll try my best!
This is a tomato and mozzarella (I think!) feuilleté with pesto, 
a basil chantilly + salad and balsamic sauce. 
This was alright but the feuilleté was disappointing. 
Mushroom risotto.
This was my first time having risotto so I have nothing else to compare it too.
The texture wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be.
Taste-wise it tasted very mushroomy but otherwise bland…
I can’t recall much about this salmon dish. Must have been very unmemorable.
I think that says a lot? Lol
It had always been a dream of mine to have duck confit with a crispy exterior.
I was really excited to finally be eating this and I’m soooo sad to say
that I was disappointed. Skin wasn’t as crispy as I thought it would be,
duck meat was quite stringy and not fall-off-the-bone-tender.
Ughhhh I really wanted to like it but I didn’t 🙁
Other components of the dish (potatoes, mushroom and salad) were so-so.
Mum and her friends had the lamb shank. They all loved it and I was
given a piece to try and didn’t exactly love it.
Am I too fussy or was I too expectant??
For dessert, we had a raspberry with vanilla cream mille-feuille.
It was okay but not the best.
I don’t know if I’m judging this too harshly because I’m sort of “in the trade” now hahaha
Presentation is not too fantastic.
Lastly we had profiteroles (choux filled with ice cream).
Good but not great. And choux was a little too dark in colour for my liking.
Overall experience:
~ Location is great, the resto itself is an awesome chill/hang place,
lots of parking available, cool ambiance and food is above average.
Would rate this place 3.9/5 (so reluctant to give them a 4 lol)
but I would go again if ever the occasion presents itself.
If you are planning on going, it is best to book/ make reservations
especially on the weekend. I would love to hear about your experience and
what you had. So please share on my Facebook page with pictures!!
I’m still waiting to have that one meal in Mauritius that completely blows me away.
If you haven’t already, give me a like on my Facebook page to get updates of my blog 🙂
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