Driving for the first time.

Soooo I had my first driving lesson today. I don’t really have words to describe this experience.

For me, being able to drive a car is the same thing like being able to take control of your life. Being responsible for the lives of the passengers in the car is the same thing as being responsible for the people in your life(meaning doing your utmost not to hurt them whether it’s physically or emotionally). I’ve always wondered what it must be like to hold that wheel with both hands, firmly, and letting go. Not letting go of the wheel obviously(like how my driving instructor would say “to pu al craz to camarad koumsa” or “to pu al bez dan canal” HAHAHA) but of letting the car do its thing. My mum has always told me that the way a person drives, is exactly how he behaves in real life. For instance, if a driver allows 1, 2, 3, 4 cars to go in front of him, means that he’s a pushover, a doormat. And if he just pushes his way into a lane, he’s a pushy and selfish person. Idk how far this is true but lol

Driving requires a person to use that same judgement you use in your everyday life, in the car. Like my driving instructor said, driving will “awaken” those instincts inside of you that you never knew you had LOL and that is true in many ways lol You must be able to use all your senses at the same time. I never knew how overwhelming it could be! I must be honest, I was completely disoriented in the car. For starters, that was actually my first time sitting in the driver’s seat. Once I was focused on the pedals, I completely forgot about changing gears or checking in the mirrors. I slowly, sort of, got used to it but ughhhhhh I didn’t know driving was gonna be like that. Now every time I set my eyes on a car and its driver, I’m like “He/She knows how to do all those things I learnt today” in complete amazement LOL I’m such a dork…

I just hope I’ll be a good driver like my mum someday!!

Here’s a fail picture of me I edited cos I was bored lol

Can you even picture this douche behind the wheel of a car? 

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