Dim Sum @ Opium Restaurant, Reduit.

Hello foodies,
Hope August has been good to you.
I was craving some yummy Dim Sum last Sunday and was recommended
to try out Opium’s.
As I had already previously been to Opium once before and was pretty
impressed by their ~ duck egg ~ speciality dishes, I thought that maybe it
would be included in their Dim Sum.
Well, I thought wrong…
The unusual thing about this restaurant is that to get to the entrance,
you actually have to go through the Allied Motors showroom.
Even when the showroom is closed, like on Sundays, the showroom is
wide open and you are free to roam around to check out the cars.
I actually saw people getting in and getting a feel LOL.
I guess this isn’t a bad thing cos you can car-shop + get food in your belly
all in one place 😉
The decor is really elegant and pretty.
Cherry blossoms, glittering chandelier,
beautiful art, white porcelain….


Gotta have me some green tea 🙂
The menu is a little complex to understand at first.
All fried items are available on the trolley BUT all
steamed items have to be ordered.
I find it a little weird cos at other Dim Sum restaurants,
everything is usually available on the trolley. We had to go through
the menu and decide what we wanted and couldn’t really pick cos
we didn’t know what most of the items were ._.
It’s kinda cheap on their part though and defeats the purpose of Dim Sum imo.
If you’re like me (at a Dim Sum),
you see food, you eat food.
No waiting please hahaha
Spring roll and shrimp ball were so bland and uninteresting.
Stuffed taro root was tasty but cold.
Pork pastry was definitely a winner for me. It was really good.
Sort of salty and sweet and deliciousness yum
Here it is, YUM.
Fried wonton was average.
Seeing the steamed items had to be “ordered”,
I was expecting some really amazing-out-of-this-world food but…
This steamed rice thingy was below average.
It was like swallowing glutinous slime.
All of them were below average.
Marchand boulette make better boulettes.
The pork ribs were undercooked and totally inedible.
This was the only saving grace of the whole meal.
The crispy skin pork.
This was really really really good.
The skin was sooo crunchy and crispy and not break-your-teeth-hard.
The fatty part just melted in your mouth and the meat was SO tender.
Why couldn’t all their dishes be this good???????
As I was so disappointed by the steamed pork ribs,
I thought that maybe the fried pork ribs would work but sadly,
they were as bad and they actually had a weird flavour.
Fried calamari was bland and below average.
Being SOOOOO disappointed by most of the dishes,
I honestly thought the egg tarts would be the one to redeem all of them.
Egg tarts have a special place in my heart. I love them so much.
They kinda look miserable #sadlife
Sigh, overall experience wasn’t so good.
They had some really good, average and bad dishes.
If I were to ever go back, I would only order the pork pastry and the crispy skin pork.
I think it’s clear what their real speciality is…. Lol
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Wishing you a lovely end of August!
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