Cyan restaurant @ C Beach Club, Bel Ombre.

Hey guys!
I have quite a few backlogged posts but I will do my best to get
them all up in the near future. Summer has finally arrived at full blast
and I have discovered a perfect little gem in the South West of our island.
I found this place purely by chance! My mum and I set out to go
to Bois Cheri (passing through Chamarel) but we missed the turning
and ended up in Bel Ombre. (Yep, we both suck at directions! But in
our defense there were no proper signage!)
It was around lunch time by then and the only place we knew of
in that area was Le Chateau de Bel Ombre. We went there only to find out
that they don’t open for lunch. However, the security guard there was
kind enough to let us know that we could go have lunch at
The C Beach Club (click for Facebook page), which we found out shortly
after that it was part of the same group, Domaine de Bel Ombre.
(Click for link to their website).
Here are a few pictures 🙂
Firstly, I was most surprised that they accept walk-in guests
for lunch and dinner. The C Beach Club is linked to the Heritage
Resorts as well as the Villas Valriche so they mainly cater for
their own guests. It is indeed great that a 5-star facility is available to locals.
They have a day package available for Rs800 p/p.
The pictures don’t do justice to the actual premises IRL! 
Cyan Restaurant. 
Ice cold coke with a view.
I was really impressed with their salads.
They use fresh quality ingredients that actually
make you enjoy eating a bowl of greens!
Corse salad

 Lettuce, smoked chicken, crispy bacon, 

fried quail eggs, anchovies, parmesan shavings, 

edible flowers & herbs, crouton with an olive tapenade 

with an awesome dressing. 

I would say this is a Caesar salad revisité and it was soooo good!


Cadix salad

Mesclun, tuna marinated with yuzu, 

baby octopus, prawns, hard-boiled eggs, 

tomatoes, yellow and green bell peppers, 

fresh herbs & flowers + dressing. 

Don’t they look so pretty and inviting? 
(Forgot the name??) but I do remember that it
was tasty as hell with a thin crust which I love.
Ice cream sundae
2 scoops of ice cream with a light sweet mascarpone cream
with a berry compote. Perfect to finish off the meal.
But would’ve loved it more if it were a touch less sweet.
Chill Bar
I just HAD to have my picture taken with the C logo.
I mean C is the best letter of the alphabet, right?!
Positive points aside, I did return a second time and wasn’t
as blow away as the first time. Seems that they have an
issue with consistency and the service leaves a lot to be desired!
Hope you enjoyed this post!
More to come soon 🙂
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