Chick n Pepper @ Ebene Commercial Centre.

Hey guys,
I’m back with another post about this great place
called Chick n pepper and it’s found at the
Ebene Commercial Centre (bottom food court).
This place doesn’t really fit into the fast food category.
You do, indeed, get your food fast but wow, the food that comes
out of their kitchen is just amazing and may I say, totally gourmet!!
It’s quaint, fresh looking and is very pleasant to the eyes.
Their menu is simple. I find that the places with a small menu are more efficient
as they can specialise in what they do and offer a better service than those who
have huge menus that they can’t cope with and end up chasing their customers away.
They serve stuffed rolls (pain a l’ancienne etc if I’m not mistaken) which
are really yummy. They have crumbed shrimp, chicken and fish.
I believe they use panko (Japanese breadcrums) and oh my God,
They also have their meal of the day which is rice, soup, salad served
with a different curry everyday.
What’s really amazing too is how affordable their food is.
This is the crispy crumbed chicken. My favourite dish from there!!
Dangerously crispy on the outside and so moist and tender on the inside.
And it’s only Rs 180!!!! It is served with chips (SO GOOD btw), fresh salad
and tomato sauce, mayo and hot sauce.
I could literally eat this everyday. YUM.


This is the shrimp. It has the same crispy outing as the chicken.
The prawns are so yummy and super tender. I know how easy it is
to overcook prawns (from experience lol) and I can tell you,
they obviously know what they’re doing there.
This one is Rs 190 I think.
They don’t only serve yummy savoury food, they also
have this beautiful ice cream display.
I haven’t tried their ice creams yet but I have had a milkshake
made from the ice cream.
I had a dark chocolate milkshake. It was so silky and smooth.
Not to liquid or too thick, it was just the right consistency
and that’s really hard to come by.


This tastes like drinking a dark Kit Kat chocolate. So orgasmic.
The people at the front counter are always really nice and friendly.
They are VERY efficient and are always on the go.
Really impressed on all accounts.
Food: 10/10
Service: 10/10
The only negative comment I have is about the flies.
They were only flying around us while we were eating which was really annoying.
I hope they can do something about it.
Other than that,
I’m really happy to say that I’ve greatly enjoyed the 2 meals I’ve
had there which shows that they are consistent.
I highly recommend them and hope you go visit them soon 😉
I wish I could go there more often. Too bad for me I live so far boohoo
Wishing you all a lovely weekend ahead!
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  1. I just came across your post (lately, sorry), and WOW ! What do we have to say other than a big "thank you" ?! It is really pleasant to have such a nice feed-back on our work !Thank you again and see you 🙂

    Maud (from Chick N Pepper)

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