Candy & Guy Cuisine Gourmet.

Hey guys,
Back with some more cake 😉
So I came across this Facebook page that someone in my friend list had shared
and saw a picture of a fridge full of beautiful looking cakes.
Oo my birthday was coming up and I thought that that would be
the perfect occasion to try them out 😀 I saw great reviews about
this one particular cake and decided to order that one.
Here are the details about the cake:
The Tanzani
Hazelnut sponge cake, praline crunch, white coffee mousse 
& hazelnut praline mousse. 
How gorgeous does that sound?!
The cake was really really good and different from anything I’ve ever had before.
It was worth every cent and more!
Please like their Facebook page
and you just have to message them and they’ll send you their menu 🙂



^ Took these in the car as soon as we picked up the cake haha
it was sooo pretty and I just couldn’t wait 😀





Thank you to Candy & Guy for this scrumptious cake.
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