“7 caris” @ Le Jardin de Beau Vallon, Mahebourg, Mauritius.

I can’t believe this post is 3 months overdue! Time sure flew by…
This will be my second to last Mauritian review. I hate to admit it but the thought of it saddens me a bit. Anyway writing this brings back a few of my last fond memories of Mauritius. I hope you enjoy it 🙂
Having lived on the West coast of Mauritius for 15 years, I had rarely ever ventured out to the other coastal villages of the island. My mum and I decided that that’s exactly what we had to do before leaving the island.
We discovered this true gem on our way to the South East.
Le Jardin de Beau Vallon (literally translates to “The Garden of Beau Vallon“) is actually a guesthouse but has a restaurant that caters for their guests and is open to the public.
This place must be one of the only places left on the island that is completely untouched by modernisation which I personally think is a great thing in today’s day and age. Being there amongst the beautiful greenery, I imagined that that was what it would’ve been like back in the olden days. Fresh air, (over)friendly birds, friendly and helpful waitress that lives in the neighbourhood, good wholesome Mauritian food, homegrown herbs and produce, wooden infrastructures, rattan furniture,… You get the idea 🙂
So rustic
Where do you even get those types of windows/door nowadays?!
Wood/rattan everywhere…
Do you catch my drift after seeing the pictures? 🙂
Despite what you may be thinking, they were awarded a Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor!
Fresh pineapple juice… Yummy
Hot lemongrass infusion and the lemongrass is from their garden!
Free appetizers… Mauritian gateaux piments (literal translation: “chilli cakes”) made from soaked crushed yellow split peas, scallions, red chilli, coriander, salt,… rolled into a ball and deep fried. Mauritian street food 🙂 Served with a side of chatini (Mauritian tomato salsa)
Deep fried starter platter: chicken wontons, potato samoussas, calamari rings and crumbed prawns.
Mauritian octopus salad topped with gateaux piments.
The traditional Indian 7 curry dish. I love how they dedicated a whole page in their menu which included a brief description of this dish.

As far as I can remember, that was my first and last time having the 7 curry meal in one sitting. I have had the different curries at different occasions but never altogether as it would normally be served so this was a perfect experience for me before leaving Mauritius!

Hmmm.. Let’s see if I can correctly name all of them lol.
From top left
1. Poisson sale/ salted fish rougaille (tomato stew)
2. Giraumon./ pumpkin
3. Chouchou/ chayotes/ christophines
4. Brede songes / taro leaves
5. Some green veggie?
6. Gateaux piments?/ chilli cakes?
7. Gros pois/ butter beans
We ordered it with chicken curry (at the top) and it comes with 1 farata. I love how they give you just enough because altogether it actually adds up to a lot.
My touristy picture with my 7 caris
Over-friendly birds that kept coming back to our table. We eventually had to pull down the blinds and fortunately they didn’t bother us again.
This is what their guestrooms look like. So cute right??!

Common pool area

Sadly it had started to rain as we were leaving so I couldn’t get any more pictures but I hope you do pay them a visit if you’re looking for an authentic Mauritian experience.


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