My 1st Outdoor Movie Night @ Stockland Elara Marsden Park, Blacktown.

I’m excited to tell you about my first outdoor cinema experience.

Being from such a tiny tropical island, outdoor cinemas or drive-ins are unheard of so when I heard that we were invited to one, I was stoked! And guess what! It was FREE #iloveaustralia

I found out afterwards that the event was organised by Stockland and that the movie was sponsored by Telstra. The movie choice couldn’t have been more perfect. Zootopia! Yep, a great movie for all ages to enjoy 🙂 I hadn’t seen it before which made it even better.

It was packed! But not overcrowded which made it comfortable for everyone. This isn’t even 1/10th of the crowd!
Aside from the event being completely free, there were several stalls offering FREE snow cones and fairy floss ^ (cotton candy). If that wasn’t enough, Telstra was giving away free popcorn and water!!

There was a sandwich stall as well that were selling chicken/meat sandwiches for $2-3.

Fortunately we brought our own homemade boerewors rolls made by my aunt & uncle hehe 🙂 so at the end of the night, we didn’t spend absolutely any money! #freebielover #shameless

As you can see in the pictures, it was still light and it was already about 7pm. Yep the sun just doesn’t go down here. So while waiting for night to come, just chill, listen to great music, eat all the free food and enjoy the sunset.

It was nearing 8pm and they finally put up the screen. It was actually an inflatable screen! It literally took minutes.


By 8:15pm it was finally dark enough so the movie started.

By some amazing divine intervention, there were no bugs or mosquitoes and the air was cool. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I cannot fault the event at all. From the parking, the stalls, the movie, the outdoor portable toilet facilities… Everything was perfect!

As the movie ended, the lights went on, we packed up our things and left with an awesome unforgettable memory.

Thanks Stockland!

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